Day: November 13, 2020

Smart Snacking On The GoSmart Snacking On The Go

With kids back in school, meal planning takes on a whole new dimension. What’s more, nine out of 10 Americans snack once a day, and nearly two out of three snack between lunch and dinner, according to Datassential Research, which can make it even tougher to keep an eye on what your children eat, especially during that peak afternoon “snack time.”

Packing snacks you feel good about is one way parents can influence what their children munch on during the day. Growing interest in creating a better lifestyle for children has led many American families to natural and organic products. However, convincing kids to sample these options can be a bit of a challenge.

That’s why Back to Nature, a line of great-tasting products based on the principles of no artificial flavors or preservatives, is introducing new, single-serve varieties of their cookies and crackers. Perfect for an after-school snack or brown-bag lunch, these single-serve varieties make it easier than ever for parents to help their kids enjoy great-tasting, preportioned snacks.

Celebrity chef, organic food expert and mom Donna Prizgintas has made it her mission to help busy parents incorporate nutritious foods into their children’s diets without a whole lot of effort.

“It can be challenging to continually provide wholesome, great-tasting snacks that your children will actually eat, but there are products available to help solve this problem,” says Prizgintas. “Back to Nature’s new single-serve cookie and cracker varieties are good examples-they contain no trans fat or hydrogenated oils, yet still taste great. And the single-serve packages make them a convenient, better-for-you snack option.”

Prizgintas says that families can easily “snack smart” with a little planning and the following ideas.

� Make a game plan for the week. Take note of the healthy foods you need to keep stocked in the house. These will become automatic items for your grocery list.

� Always on the go? Children are often hungry after the school day ends, but don’t have a lot of time between the final bell and their after-school activities. For a snack they can eat on the run, tuck a Back to Nature single-serve cracker package in the Crispy Cheddar or Crispy Wheat variety in their book bag with a piece of string cheese nestled next to a refreezable cold ice pack.

� Don’t forget the finger food. Include fresh vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, or celery sticks along with natural peanut butter, salsa and bean dip, or low-fat cream cheese for dipping!

� Kid’s got a sweet tooth? Drop a Back to Nature single-serve cookie package such as the Chocolate Chunk, Classic Cr?me or Honey Graham variety into your child’s backpack.

� Don’t forget liquids! Give your child a low-calorie, fruit-flavored water beverage that contains no artificial colors or flavors.