Traditional Food – All Time DelicacyTraditional Food – All Time Delicacy

People always have been fond of trying various types of food. The restaurants today contain a variety menu including mostly continental food, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, but there is always a column for the traditional food. Traditional is an evergreen taste for everyone, there is no like or dislike for this it always a yes for traditional dishes.

Importance of traditional diets

All countries have their own different ways of living and so include its food habits. It is also important to have it because all the countries are well separated by nature that is by the climate, the landscapes and thus the people have different resources and requirements for their body to sustain the surroundings there. As healthy, well built people have always been there all around the world, we can say that these different traditions are evolved as per the needs of the human body and also the availability of resources in a particular region.

Characteristics of traditional foods

Most of these traditional cuisines and desserts are a lot healthier. These diets contain 30-80% fats and 4-5 times more vitamins and minerals than an average American diet. Such diets mostly contain fat soluble vitamins and proteins from animals. Also many of the regional dishes use fermented foods. Micro-organisms have been used for fermentation and producing good food from ancient times, for example pickles, breads, sausages are all fermentation based foods. Also it is quite beneficial since it improves the nutritional level of the food along with this it also increases the digestibility and taste of the food.

Traditional cuisines and desserts

Traditional cuisines can basically be considered in two types the non vegetarian and the vegetarian, non vegetarian Indian cuisines are quite famous as for they are pretty spicy and taste real good like the tandoori chicken, chicken biryani, whereas traditional Austrian non veg appetizers like the Austrian lobster cocktail are well known also most of the Austrian cheese is non veg too. Now if the vegetarian category is surfed with the increasing number of vegetarians around the globe vegetarian food has become very popular, Indian and the Buddhist vegetarian food is quite famous in this category. Mostly the vegetarian food consists of dairy products, spices and herbs, fruits, vegetables etc. which makes it healthy for the consumer.

Vegetarian Restaurants

As the popularity of the vegetarian food has increased in a past few years and many people are now switching to vegetarianism, there has been an increase in the number of vegetarian restaurants too. Also many non-vegetarian food chains like the Mc Donald’s and KFC has started vegetarian meals too. There has been heavy increase in the vegetarian restaurants since 2007. About 50% vegetarian restaurants have increased from 2007 – 2010, there are now 30 top-class restaurant chains which are vegetarian. With such growth in the number of vegetable restaurants now there will be a veg restaurant across every street.

Best Pizzerias in DublinBest Pizzerias in Dublin

Christmas is the time of the year when people from every part of the world, both Christian and non-Christian, commemorate the most essential event in Christianity – the birth of Jesus Christ. With the New Year about to begin, this is the perfect time to spread holiday cheer, take a long holiday with loved ones, and indulge in eating good foods. And when one has to select from a wide assortment of popular cuisines, not many people will make the mistake of not choosing a hot, oven-baked, pizza topped with molten mozzarella and seasonings.

In the last few decades, the popularity of pizzas has spread to every corner of the world. In cities like Dublin, there are numerous well-known pizzerias which are not only popular in the areas they are located in but also throughout the country. These pizzerias are well aware of the craze for pizzas during this time of the year. Therefore, extra care is taken to make the best-quality pizzas and provide customers with the maximum satisfaction every time.

Some Facts About Our Beloved Dabbawalas And Their Tiffin BoxSome Facts About Our Beloved Dabbawalas And Their Tiffin Box

We in Mumbai are so accustomed to the word ‘Tiffin’ that we tend to forget that it is not a known word in the dictionary that is used anywhere else in the world. Tiffin walas are someone that plays a very important role in the fast lane of business professionals in Mumbai. They deliver lunch boxes to the needy professionals at the time of their lunch breaks. The word Tiffin basically means a lunch box that people often carry to their workplaces. But in Mumbai, Tiffin are not carried to the workplace but they are delivered to the office in time by these Tiffin walas. Hence, we can conclude that this sect of people in the society, however insignificant, play an important role to serve other people in the society.

When a professional is living alone and has no one in the city to prepare his lunch, he has two options to choose from. One is that he orders his lunch from any nearby food joint that can deliver food in the office and the other being the Tiffin service. Now, when you are choosing from these two options you will have to consider each in detail and according to logical parameters. If you choose to order from a nearby restaurant, you run the chances to fall ill because the food quality is never guaranteed. If you have to discard this factor, you might have to choose a more expensive restaurant and that just not makes sense because, this restaurant is supposed to deliver food daily. That can cost too much. On the other side, if you choose to opt for the Tiffin service, the food quality matches the food at home and hence the hygiene factor is taken care of. Other than that, if you compare it with fast food chains, you will come to a conclusion it proves to be cheaper than other restaurants when the service is used on a daily basis. So, there is no reason to not choose a Tiffin box over restaurant service.

Other important aspect that we should consider while we are talking about the Tiffin walas in Mumbai is the dedication that these people show towards their job. The Tiffin walas in the city are aware of the fact that they have to deliver hundreds of lunch boxes to hundreds of different people in numerous locations across the city. The time factor plays a crucial role because if they fail to deliver the Tiffin boxes in time or after the lunch break then there is no point in delivering them. This is understood well by them and it is found that these dedicated Tiffin walas start working before sunrise and end in the evening, all this to feed unknown people in the city. Due to their efficient planning and service all across the urban region, they are very often asked to take time management sessions in several institutions. This is not because they success in delivering all Tiffin box in time but because they deliver them using public transport via the infamous Mumbai railways.

Fulfill All Dream by Choosing Reception Venue in CyprusFulfill All Dream by Choosing Reception Venue in Cyprus

Hand of your beloved in your hand, the most romantic scenery, cool breeze dense palm trees and beauty is spreading its charm around seems a dream of part of a movie. But, this dream can come true by choosing reception venue in Cyprus. Being a birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite, Cyprus is filled with numbers of locations and venues in order to conduct an amazing reception ceremony. In every location of Cyprus whether it is Paphos, Peyia, Ayia Napa or Larnaca, there is no dearth of ideal venues to organize your dream wedding reception ceremony.

If you are thinking of organizing a private reception party in Cyprus then beach reception in Cyprus would prove to be an awesome idea. Beaches are famous to offer an intimate touch to your reception celebration in Cyprus. As this day is called the celebration of the new life of a bride and groom so arrangements can be made accordingly. You can take suggestions from your spouse about the theme of the reception or you can also appear with a surprise by making all arrangements as per the choice and liking of your spouse. You can plan moon light walk with your beloved, go for a candlelight dinner, arrange some soothing music, etc. Hiring a Cyprus Wedding planner is considered an intelligent option to conduct a well-planned reception celebration.

Couples who want to choose a royal and stylish Cyprus Reception Venue are advised to go for hotel reception venue in Cyprus. Whatever is your budget be it high, medium or low, hotels of all budgets are available in the different locations of Cyprus. Even by booking a budgeted hotel, you can turn your reception into a grand celebration. You can give a perfect blend of striking theme, eye-catching color scheme, appealing decoration, rocking musical arrangements, etc. In this way, your wedding reception occasion would be memorable not only for you but also for the guests who have attended the party.

Yacht reception venue in Cyprus is broadly popular among diverse wedding reception venues in Cyprus. It is recommended among couples across the world as it provides perfect amalgamation of joy of being surrounded by the Mediterranean ocean and water sport. Every sort of adventure will be yours by availing rental packages as per your budget. If you find yourself unable to find a suitable yacht reception package, you can hire a talented wedding planner in Cyprus. He will be able to guide you that which package will suit you the most as per your set budget. As per your preference, you can get some additional facilities including drink, music and other related stuff.

Whichever reception venue in Cyprus do you choose; you must design a budget in order to avoid paying some surprising cost on the final day of the ceremony. Make a clear outline of your budget and how much money are you going to spend on your venue, decoration, catering, grooming sessions, reception dress and accessories. By doing so, you will be able to get the aspired enjoyment with the accomplishment of a dream wedding reception.

History of Turkish BaklavaHistory of Turkish Baklava

History of Turkish Baklava

If there’s one traditional dessert worth trying out when you step inside a Turkish restaurant, it has got to be Turkish Baklava. This sweet and delicious treat is often considered as a “national dessert” for much of Turkey and even most Mediterranean countries.

Let’s take a quick look at its history and how this tasty dessert cuisine has become a staple in most Turkish meals today.


There’s no clear, defining mark on where and when Baklava was first made. All we know is that much of the Middle East, Greeks, Jews, Arabs, Balkans and of course, Turks, all claim the Baklava as their national dessert.

Most of these countries actually belonged to the Ottoman Empire so it’s safe to say that it originated as an Ottoman dessert. There is still quite a bit of contention with this especially since the Ottoman Empire is mostly associated with “Turks,” the Greeks and Arabs aren’t particularly fond of this idea.

Whether it first started in the empire or not, there is no doubt that it’s modern form has evolved from the Ottoman period. In fact, during the 17th century, it was so popular that a palace tradition known as “baklava alayi” (parade) was held. In the festival, janissaries marched into the palace every 15th day of the Ramadan to gather trays of baklava. There would be one baklava for every ten soldiers as prepared by the palace cooks.

Modern Baklava

Today, there are specialty stores that sell only Baklava. Turkish food restaurants and specialty shops often serve this dish in their own twist. However, the very basic contains a stack of phyllo pastry (a thin crust of dough) that’s stuffed by a variety of chopped nuts and then sweetened by honey or syrup.

Each restaurant has their own unique way of serving up the dish. For a purely Turkish Baklava, Antep is the city that claims to serve the most authentic baklava there is. This is known as the baklava and pistachio capital of the country and most chefs and experts claim to be from here.

This can have several varieties. It’s mostly the stuffing that differs though. Some prefer walnuts while others would rather have pistachio; there’s also a hazelnut version served up in most of the Black Sea region that is also worth mentioning.

If you visit a Turkish restaurant; you’ll surely find baklava on the menu and it’s definitely a must-try so don’t miss it.

If you are in the New York, Manhattan area, get your filling of this tasty treat right over at AnTalia Restaurant. This is “the” place to visit for authentic Turkish food and Mediterranean cuisine to help indulge your senses.

India Flavour in DubaiIndia Flavour in Dubai

No matter where people go, they always miss the food they used to eat in their native country. People have to move to new places because of several reasons. Now days, people often choose to get higher education abroad. This has become one of the most common reasons for several young people to leave their native counties. A lot of people also have to keep on traveling due to the requirements of their job. No matter what is the reason for traveling; people often try to eat what they always like to eat.

When people do not get what they like to eat then they do not like it. The world has become a global village and peoples from one part of the world can be found in various other parts. Many peoples who have taken birth in India are doing jobs in several other nations. It is no wonder to find people from different nations in one nation. For instance, in Dubai, a large number of Indian people can be found. Dubai is one of the richest nations of the world.

Peoples who are living in Dubai but belong to India might be interested to know about indian restaurants. If you are living in Dubai for a long time then you know that it is not very hard to find indian restaurants in dubai. There might be many peoples who are vegetarian and wish to stay like that even while they are staying in Dubai. Such people would be happy to know about vegetarian restaurants in dubai.

South Indian peoples often like to eat dosa. Dosa is one of the most favorite dishes of peoples who belong to South India. If you wish to find indian dosa in Dubai then you can search for restaurants which serve it In UAE. It will not be very difficult to get indian dosa in Dubai. Peoples who are fond of continental food will also be able to find a large number of restaurants in Dubai which serve it. There are all kinds of restaurants in Dubai which are suitable for peoples with different budgets. If you are interested in having continental food in dubai then you can easily have it.

One can get quality continental food at different restaurants. People might also be interested to know about restaurants which can give the home delivery of Indian food in Dubai. To search for the best indian restaurants which do home delivery as well, one should make use of the internet.

Online, people will be able to know about some of the best indian restaurants. Dubai is one of the best countries in the world. A lot of people live here and the standard of living is very high. It is an amazing experience to visit this country.

Vegetarian Restaurants Cater Specific Food Based on Caste And ReligionVegetarian Restaurants Cater Specific Food Based on Caste And Religion

Welcome to India, the country with a rich culture and traditions. Here everything has a bit of masala and a touch of spice. If you’re a vegetarian, then definitely this place is going to be an excellent vegetarian paradise for you.

Veg restaurants in India often have been influenced by the rich culture of the country. This food includes a great variety. It is divided region wise. You’ve South Indian, North Indian, East Indian and West Indian food. All regions have their staple diets and they become a center part of the character of that particular region. For instance, in South, rice is known as the major staple diet. Rice and Coconuts are grown in large quantity there. It is therefore, no wonder that most of the South Indian cuisines are made of coconut and rice.

Catering to the staple diets as well as serving other dishes, Indian vegetarian restaurants are doing well in the whole country. Firstly, population here is very large and everyone has a good appetite. Besides with more working professionals, there’s not enough time for cooking these days. Also, many people go out with their families during weekends often. These restaurants often have been known to provide something which cannot be made at home easily. One such case is Chinese food. This is one of the reasons why people like to eat out so much as their orders include Chinese food usually. We have ‘Indianised’ the Chinese food and made lots of vegetarian varieties from it. You also have vegetarian Chinese restaurants! Something that definitely would be unheard in China!

Vegetarian restaurants offer healthy and tasty meals. They understand well the different types of preferences and tastes of the consumers. There is a huge stretch of variety in the menu. A typical veg restaurant menu will include snack items, heavy snack items, fasting items, main course meals, soups, starters, desserts, etc. There are many occasions in India when people have fasts and therefore, there is a different section of fasting food products dedicated to it. In addition, everything is prepared fresh and hot since stale food cannot be consumed.

Talking about religions and casts, Indian veg restaurants cater to caste/religion specific cuisines also. There are restaurants devoted to serving only Punjabi thalis or Gujarati thalis. Now that it’s the festive season, the Indian restaurants are seen to be at their all time high. All through festivities, most of the people prefer moving out of their homes and celebrating get together parties. These Indian restaurants make the greatest of their business on these small nonetheless frequent occasions. Most of them provide a good ambiance and add an artistic value to the entire dining experience. Factors like these have worked in the favor of these eateries and they have attracted people in larger numbers. They have truly redefined hospitality and moved forward with the changing times. They have succeeded in widening the smiles of food lovers and food enthusiasts. It is no surprise that their popularity has grown over the past few years.