Some Facts About Our Beloved Dabbawalas And Their Tiffin Box

We in Mumbai are so accustomed to the word ‘Tiffin’ that we tend to forget that it is not a known word in the dictionary that is used anywhere else in the world. Tiffin walas are someone that plays a very important role in the fast lane of business professionals in Mumbai. They deliver lunch boxes to the needy professionals at the time of their lunch breaks. The word Tiffin basically means a lunch box that people often carry to their workplaces. But in Mumbai, Tiffin are not carried to the workplace but they are delivered to the office in time by these Tiffin walas. Hence, we can conclude that this sect of people in the society, however insignificant, play an important role to serve other people in the society.

When a professional is living alone and has no one in the city to prepare his lunch, he has two options to choose from. One is that he orders his lunch from any nearby food joint that can deliver food in the office and the other being the Tiffin service. Now, when you are choosing from these two options you will have to consider each in detail and according to logical parameters. If you choose to order from a nearby restaurant, you run the chances to fall ill because the food quality is never guaranteed. If you have to discard this factor, you might have to choose a more expensive restaurant and that just not makes sense because, this restaurant is supposed to deliver food daily. That can cost too much. On the other side, if you choose to opt for the Tiffin service, the food quality matches the food at home and hence the hygiene factor is taken care of. Other than that, if you compare it with fast food chains, you will come to a conclusion it proves to be cheaper than other restaurants when the service is used on a daily basis. So, there is no reason to not choose a Tiffin box over restaurant service.

Other important aspect that we should consider while we are talking about the Tiffin walas in Mumbai is the dedication that these people show towards their job. The Tiffin walas in the city are aware of the fact that they have to deliver hundreds of lunch boxes to hundreds of different people in numerous locations across the city. The time factor plays a crucial role because if they fail to deliver the Tiffin boxes in time or after the lunch break then there is no point in delivering them. This is understood well by them and it is found that these dedicated Tiffin walas start working before sunrise and end in the evening, all this to feed unknown people in the city. Due to their efficient planning and service all across the urban region, they are very often asked to take time management sessions in several institutions. This is not because they success in delivering all Tiffin box in time but because they deliver them using public transport via the infamous Mumbai railways.

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